Skills Acquisition

These courses encourage the learners to be self-reliant and useful within the society. These skills remain valuable to students throughout their lives. The College provides opportunities for skills acquisition in areas such as:

Hats and Beads making

This workshop training gears towards providing the students the skills that will make them become confident bead and hat makers. It is relatively cost effective but profitable. It’s products spread across all kinds of bead artworks like flower vase, necklace, earrings, bracelets etc and hats like boaters to fascinator hats and the likes.

Dress Making

This skill acquisition is in high demand. The students are taught how to design and sew clothed by a professional tailor. It provokes the students to be creative in their designs and produce trendy styles which are exhibited and sold off at the end of every academic year. The pieces they produce cover both the men and women wear.

Carpentry/Wood Work

The students are extensively taught everything about woodwork, starting from how to make a piece from the scratch, joining pieces, framing, finishing and a host of other skills. Their products covers cushions, dressing mirrors, kitchen cabinets, laundry drawers, bed frames and a host of others.


The students are taught how to knit with their hands as well as with the use of a knitting machine to create beautiful and attractive pieces with different knitting patterns. These pieces are made in different colors and sold off on Exhibition Night. They knit head warmers, sweaters, socks, pullovers, mufflers to mention but a few.

Creative and Visual Arts

Here, the students are taught how to create master pieces with their artistic strokes. These works include portraits, landscape paintings or drawing, abstract arts to mention but a few. This skill acquisition may have adapted visual art styles like print making, drawing or painting.

Technical Drawing

Students are taught how to be precise and detailed in the composing of drawings that visually communicate how something functions or is constructed. They are taught how to use familiar symbols, perspectives, units of measurement, notation system, visual styles and page layout. A professional drafter has been employed who guide the students to do their best in acquiring these skills.