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Frequently asked questions

All Lower Junior classes are taught predominantly by their form teachers and teaching assistants within their own classrooms. The exceptions are Games, French, ICT, library and music, all of which are taught by specialist staff.
Does the school charge an enrollment fee?

Yes, an enrollment fee of ₦5,000 is paid before you can fill and submit the form

How is the meal systems?

The students are fed four times a day with healthy foods.

When will the admission process start?

Purchase of the forms usually starts February but to be certain, check our website for updates.

Are the students taught other languages other than English?

Yes, French is taught in the junior classes.

What is the class size?

The classes are designed to contain a maximum of thirty (30) students.

Is the hostel condusive?

Yes, it is very conducive with twelve windows and four fans in each dormitory with hygienic toilets and bathrooms.