Student Health, Safety and Welfare

At Vaatia College we are concerned with the well-being of all our students. A school sickbay is available with trained nurses available 24 hours to handle minor health cases and administer First Aid treatment should the need arise.

Parents should inform the College about medical conditions and medical appointments of their wards at the beginning of the school term. Any medicines to be administered during school time should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and class and handed over to the College authority. Medicines must be accompanied with a letter from a medical doctor stating the dosage and what they are prescribed for. Students are not allowed to keep drugs of any form in the hostels.

Please inform us in writing if your child is allergic to any food stuffs or any potential hazards.

Students in Vaatia College must maintain good health practices and hygiene. These include proper diet, showers, doing laundry and getting sufficient rest and exercise. Students will normally clean their hostels, the utility blocks, the classrooms and their surroundings.  House parents will encourage such practices by ensuring adequate supervision through routine and spot checks.

A medical form completed by a competent medical doctor is required for all new students. All students must be immunized against Tetanus, Yellow Fever and Typhoid etc. and a certificate attached to their medical form confirming that this has been done. All students are expected to have had their eyes tested before entering Vaatia College. Parents should ensure that if their ward needs glasses they either have unbreakable lenses or two pairs. Tinted lenses or those that become dark in bright light might be allowed after evidence showing prescription. Students are advised to visit a dentist regularly (during each alternate holiday at least).

Dedicated security guards and Close Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance cameras are stationed at strategic locations within the College premises. A unit of Police officers routinely patrol the College and its environs to ensure the safety of staff and students.

Vaatia College provides a private maximum demand transformer, a 50KVA power generator and a Solar Inverter System to ensure reliable power supply.

Potable water supply is made available through 4 motorized borehole pumps and 2 manual pumps.


All girls in junior secondary and all boys irrespective of their class are expected to have short hair. The College makes provision for barbers to visit the College fortnightly. Girls in senior secondary are allowed to grow their hair but must ensure they are plaited and kept neatly at all times. Only woolly hair extensions are allowed for girls in senior secondary.