Co-Curricular Activities

In addition, junior students take the full range of the following School subjects:

Cultural & Creative Arts

Physical and Health Education

French Studies

Computer Literacy

Religious and Moral Education

Civic Education

These subjects ensure learners are morally sound and up-to-date with global trends.

Arrangements are being made to prepare and register students for International Examinations. Continuous Assessment is based on class work, practical projects, periodic tests and homework.

After the first three years the students take the Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE) conducted by Benue State Examinations Board (BSEB) and that conducted by the National Examinations Council (NECO).

During the fourth, fifth and sixth years, students are prepared for the Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations; (Benue state MOCK SSCE, NECO SSCE & WAEC Examinations).

The National Curriculum, WAEC, NECO syllabus and Teacher’s Guide are available to guide the learning process. Teachers design their scheme of work using the National Curriculum and each teacher’s scheme of work is drawn at the beginning of the academic session to be covered weekly over three (3) terms.  Heads of Departments and Heads of Subjects ensure the strict compliance and extensive coverage of content by teachers. The National curriculum is fully covered as it serves as a guide to prepare learners for National and International examinations.

The School ensures that all the Ministry of Education recommended textbooks are available to learners and teachers to support and encourage independent learning. Learners and teachers have personal copies of textbooks and most textbooks are found in the School library.

Co-curricular activities are an essential part of life in Vaatia College. We offer a wide range of club and co-curricular activities in all areas of the College. Students have access to outstanding facilities and equipment for continuous development to meet current co-curricular needs. Along with academic achievement we encourage good social and moral values among our students.

Participation in these activities helps to build confidence, encourage healthy lifestyles and creativity helping students to become well rounded individuals.