Boarding life at Vaatia College nurtures children within a structured environment full of activities. These experiences prepares students for independent living and having a sense of responsibility. Relaxation and housekeeping skills develop students into confident and organised individuals.

Vaatia College is a strictly boarding secondary school. All the students stay in hostels within the College premises.
The facilities in the hostels include beds, bathrooms, toilets, laundry space, adequate portable water and power supply.
Boys and girls have separate hostels and are strictly prohibited from entering or loitering around each other’s hostels.

House System
The four traditional College houses are BLUE, GREEN, RED, and YELLOW. The House system strengthens the College community by encouraging team work, healthy competition and providing a means to build links between pupils of different ages. This is achieved through sporting and social events. House Parents are responsible for the general welfare of house members.

The school is 100% boarding and meals are provided by the College under the direct supervision of a qualified caterer. The children eat four times daily and all meals are served in the dining hall. The school meals consist of foods commonly eaten in Nigeria and readily available in Makurdi and its environs. Students are not permitted to bring any food item into the College premises.

Students’ Laundry Services
Students’ laundry is done by the College laundry staff. However, students wash their inner wears, sports wears and bed sheets. Laundry lines are provided in the hostels. Laundry days are to be strictly observed.

Visiting Days
Current and Prospective Parents are welcome to scheduled visits to the College before deciding whether or not the College will provide a suitable environment for their ward(s). There are no general visiting days for Parents/Guardians. The College is security conscious and visitors are not allowed into the premises without proper clearance

Anti-Bullying Policy
We believe every member of the College community has the right to a friendly, caring and safe learning environment. Students who are bullied or who have witnessed bullying are expected to report such cases. Disciplinary action will be decided after all evidence has been collected and reviewed by the College authority. Bullying is highly prohibited.