Induction and Pastoral Care


The College runs formal induction events for all fresh students joining the College.  All fresh students resume one week before the beginning of the session. This facilitates their participation in the students’ ORIENTATION exercise and will help ease their transition and put them on the road early to a successful start to this College. It is an opportunity for the students to get familiar with the College, meet new people and make the new students feel much more comfortable with their surroundings when classes begin. Parents may also be invited to attend information sessions and other events.

Pastoral Care

Vaatia College prioritizes the pastoral care of our children. Every child needs to feel safe and secure and should be able to learn in an environment built on tolerance, respect and consideration for all.

The College community is responsible for the pastoral care of all our students. The Pastoral Team (Class Parents, House Parents and Guidance and Counselling Officers) handles concerns of a pastoral nature.

Our Pastoral Aims

  • To provide a caring and safe learning environment.
  • To provide support for students to achieve their potential academically and socially.

To encourage self-esteem and self-confidence in students needed to face academic and personal challenges.