In 2017 a male student of Vaatia College Makurdi had health challenges and his parents were invited by the College to pick him for further medical attention. Some days after he was picked from the College, he had difficulty walking. He has recovered fully and is back in the College.

In 2019 a similar incident happened to two female students of the College. The parents of the two students were informed and the one whose parents were in Makurdi came and picked her for further medical examination.

 The other student’s parents were in Abuja and because of the urgency the College attaches to all students’ healthcare, the College took her to the Federal Medical Centre in Makurdi before her parents arrived from Abuja. She was later referred to the Benue State University Teaching Hospital.

Both students have recovered fully and are back in school.

In November 2020, a female student had asthma attack. She had nose bleeding and she was unconscious. The College took her to the Benue State University Teaching Hospital. Her parents were notified and they met her at the hospital. She was later discharged and her parents took her home. Some days later the Mom called and informed the College that she had developed difficulty in walking. She is still at the Benue State University Teaching Hospital.

A few weeks ago, the College received complaints from nine students about shaky legs and difficulty in walking. Four of these students fully recovered shortly after they were picked by their parents.

It is pertinent to mention that in all these cases the parents of the affected students were notified.

The College summoned a meeting between the College Management, parents of the affected students and parents that are medical personnel.

The Medical personnel formed a Medical Advisory Committee to look into the previous and current cases and advise the College on the next line of action.

The Committee advised the College to go on a break while learning continues online. This was to allow for a thorough investigation and implement recommended actions based on findings.

The Management of the College also had a meeting with representatives of the Public Health Emergency Operations Center (E.O.C), Medical Consultants with the Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Madonna Hospital, W.H.O, and UNICEF.

The outcomes of the meeting were as follows:

  1. The formation of a sub committee made up of pediatricians and neurologists to further investigate the current cases.
  2. Officers of the E.O.C to visit the College and collect samples for further testing.
  3. Officers of the E.O.C made available the following lines to parents of wards that have difficulty in walking:

Toll free

  • 09010999920
  • 09010999919

Charges apply:

  • Call only 09018602439
  • SMS and WhatsApp only 08123135458

The health and welfare of members of the College community remains top priority of Vaatia College.

We wish all affected students a speedy recovery.


Warm regards,