P.T.A/P.T.A Trust

Parent Teacher Association (P. T. A)

Parents of Vaatia College students are automatically members of the PTA. Parents hold the offices of the Chairman, Vice- Chairman, Treasurer, and P.R.O and with other committee members work hard to ensure students enjoy the best College experience affordable.

We encourage support of different sorts from parents. Parents wishing to support in any way are asked to contact the Principal in the first instance. We appreciate everything our parents do to support us.

The Parents Teachers Association meets on the vacation day for the term.


P.T.A Trust Fund

The PTA Trust Fund is established by the PTA of Vaatia College and is managed by members of the PTA. The scheme guarantees a student continuing his or her education in Vaatia College in the event of death of sponsor. Payment of the premium every term is mandatory. Cover applies 24 hours a day without geographical limitation or restriction.